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Balloon Decor that Elevates Your Events!

If you are looking for a balloon arch, balloon column, or any type of well-made balloon decor, well, you just found yourself a friendly family-business service provider. It’s more than that actually – you found yourself a partner and someone to collaborate with.

Your ideas and dreams are about to become my blueprint for all the balloon designs we install in your event.

Serving Balloon Decor everywhere in the North East of Pennsylvania.

Whatever you need – we got it

Our balloon decor will be the peak of your events

To get started, and check for our pricing menu, click the button now.

You are in the right place if you are
producing celebrating throwing

We get excited designing balloon decor for any one of these

Corporate events

Corporate events

Impress your team members, create a memorable experience

Special Celebrations

Special Celebrations

Your loved ones deserve an event that is that good



Transform outside walking-by-ers into inside buyers

Schools & Colleges

Schools & Colleges

Instill school pride with balloon decor in just the right colors

And if your event is different or unique… we would love to serve you with different or unique balloon decor. Contact us now.

Order Your Grab and Go Today And Pick It Up Just On Time


3ft Mosaic for $225
5ft Mosaic for $350

Party Poles

Starting at: $450 for 2 poles

Giant Balloon

Starting at: $70

We love Corporate Jobs

Here are some of the companies that insisted NEPA balloons

Balloon Columns
Balloon Arch
Grab and Go
Balloon Columns
Balloon Arch
Grab and Go
Balloon Columns
Balloon Arch
Grab and Go
Balloon Columns
Balloon Arch
Grab and Go

Balloon Decor or Balloon Deliveries?

The three steps, definitive guide to choosing whether you need balloon decor or a balloon delivery.

Are you celebrating with other people?

If you invited over 10 people to celebrate with you, you probably need balloon décor Otherwise –
Balloon Deliveries can do the trick.

Is your #1 concern budget-related?

If your budget is under $300, you should definitely go for a balloon delivery. Otherwise – use Balloon Decor for a bigger impact.

Are you interested in a long lasting impact?

Balloon Decor can make a venue look good for a few days. Balloon deliveries often look good for 24 hours, or more, if you they are well maintained.

There are many additional factors – like if the event is indoors or outdoors if you have a theme to your event, and even if the expectations of your guests are that high

Either way, if you are not sure, just give us a call and we will help you make the right choice.

 Our Most Popular Work

Yard Art Number

Jumbo Balloons


Balloon Decor Impact

Clients love sharing what the balloons did for their events

Before you make any decision…

Let’s get to know each other

Hi there! I am Chana (Hanna) Hershkop, founder of NEPA Balloons.

YOU WILL LOVE THE PROCESS – I am all game for taking your vision as our compass in planning and executing your decor vision. I guess it helps that I was born a creative, I have always been passionate about art, color, and design

EXPERIENCE TAKES YEARS – The roots of any decor project have to include a deeper passion for art. That’s why it’s so important
for me to have those roots. You see, I adored the years I spent as a preschool art teacher, giving children the space to explore and express their imagination

SOMEONE LIKE YOU – I know how it feels like when all the details of arranging this event speak to you, all at the same time. As a mother of five, I have had lots of opportunities to express my inventive and creative passion through family celebrations – which is why we will click right away

CERTIFIED AND READY – you are going to sleep better at night and be proud of the wow effect as you are working with a Balloon Artist College certified member. I was trained by some of the best Balloon Artists in the country, and my biggest priority is for you to feel thrilled about your event

ALWAYS STRIVING TO IMPROVE – I strive to offer the highest quality products and services and therefore invest in my balloon art education consistently in order to learn the new methods,
trends, and styles

Your vision is our opportunity

And the results show in the pictures below of our most recent work


At NEPA Balloons, we specialize in crafting vibrant spaces that will make your events unforgettable. Our goal is to fill every celebration with joy, creating cherished moments across North East Pennsylvania. Let’s collaborate to make your next event truly special!
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